5 Soups You Can’t Live Without

  • Apr 03,2024
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Use Walnuts in Your Winter Soups!

Walnuts are a great addition to savory cold-weather meals with their earthy, warm flavors. Plus, their versatile flavor profile meshes well with all kinds of winter fruits and vegetables.

While it’s well known that walnuts add extra flavor and crunch to soups, did you know that you can easily use them to make a delicious walnut ‘cream’ to use as a dairy-free thickener? Here are five delicious winter soup ideas to help you start your New Year off right.

You’ll need only 10 ingredients to create this delectable Creamy California Walnut and Tomato Soup! It features a classic tomato soup taste with a basil-forward flavor. The best part? It’s dairy-free, so it’s a great option for anyone sensitive to dairy, which is especially helpful when you’re hosting a large group. You and your guests will also love the decadent, smooth texture of this soup created by the addition of walnut cream.

Our White Bean, Cauliflower and Walnut Soup takes just an hour to whip up and serves six. This dish is hearty, nutritious and plant-forward. With each bite, you’ll experience the silky texture and flavors of cauliflower, cannellini beans and fresh herbs, along with a satisfying crunch from the walnut topping. This soup is a fantastic option for cold days when you’re craving a nutrient-dense, flavorful dish to warm you up.

This creamy, thick concoction comes highly rated (we’re talking five stars!). Its luscious texture comes from blended walnuts, so you can skip the dairy. The nuts also add a yummy flavor that pairs perfectly with mushrooms. You can easily put our California Walnut and Mushroom Soup together in 30 minutes or less. It’s a great time-saving weeknight meal!

Our Pork Walnut Meatballs in Coconut Walnut Soup is another five-star recipe you won’t want to miss in winter! It’s dairy-free, yet hearty and flavor-rich. Expect a delicious combination of coconut, ginger and umami flavors from the soy sauce to entertain your taste buds with every spoonful.

Chicken and Walnut Dumpling Soup is the ultimate comfort meal. It’s the perfect soup for days when you’re craving a dish that’s familiar, simple, warm and tasty. The lush, creamy texture of this soup is easily created using puréed walnuts. This is one the whole family (even the kids) will enjoy!

Elevate Your Winter Soups Even More!

Looking for an interesting way to elevate your winter soups even more? Try topping them with Walnut Parmesan Crisps, or Roasted California Walnut Gremolata. They’re the perfect way to add crunch to soups! Plus, they’re easy to make, have a delightful, light texture and only take a few minutes to create. Another great way to enhance your soups is with Walnut Parmesan Biscuits for sopping up every last drop of soup. They’re also great for dipping or simply enjoying on the side. No matter how the nut crumbles, it’s easy to see how versatile California walnuts truly are!